Obsession to Death

“Luca, please wait; LUCA!”

The last words of Clarissa Jones, calling out to her angry brother; they’d just had an argument and Luca stormed out the room, not knowing his elder sister would have an epileptic seizure right after he left the room.

Luca Leroy did not even know about his sister’s sickness, let alone the fact she would die while he cursed her under his breath. They had argued about Luca’s obsession with the FBI. She tried to tell him being SSA Luca Jones wasn’t the right thing for him, how the hell would she know?

“Luca, don’t be silly! You could get killed in the field, then what would we do without you?!”

“It’s a possibility, not a fact. Not everyone gets killed out there.”

“Do you hear yourself? It’s still a possibility and that’s not good enough for me.”

“What about the people who get murdered, kidnapped, tortured, killed cause no one was there to save them in time?!”

“Are you serious? Become a doctor, save people’s lives and protect your own!”

She just didn’t get it! Why would she; got a bachelors in Economics and married a rich man; she didn’t think she needed to work, just because she had the money. Wasted years on the degree and just jumped into writing her wedding wows, got pregnant and gave up everything altogether.

Now she’s mother to a beautiful baby boy, a housewife and a regular customer at Chanel. She thought he was joining the FBI because he was broke; she started to write him a cheque.

“Don’t be ridiculous Clare, not everyone is as selfish as you.”

“How is helping my brother a sign of selfishness?”

“People are innocently wronged every day. You don’t think about them? If one life can save a few lives, then I’ll give mine up.”

Everyone would agree to that, it was for a good cause; besides it’s not like he would most definitely be killed out there. Lots of agents have retired and live happily now. Take Uncle Mike, his father’s brother, joined the bureau in the 80s; retired recently and is now cruising around the world with his family. To be honest, Mike wasn’t the smartest seed in the family but he still sprouted into a great man.

Luca was very smart; his only problem was not giving time to himself. He could have been a writer, a teacher, anything he wanted and he chose the FBI.

“I just don’t think you’ll make a good agent you know?”

Luca spun around, “Don’t you dare use reverse psychology on me Clare.”

“How do you know that’s what I’m doing? What if you really suck as an agent, the same way you suck at being a son?!”

That did it, he was fuming and all he wanted was to get away from her. He started towards the door and that’s how our story began.

Sadly, that’s how Clarissa Jones’ life ended; with an argument and a seizure. Maybe she could have been saved, had Luca stayed for another minute. Or had her epilepsy acted before Luca walked out. But even if Luca saw his sister fall to the floor, called 911 and stayed by her side, she wouldn’t have opened her eyes again. Her time was up; sand in the hourglass of Clarissa’s life had emptied into the lower bulb.

She was leaving behind her nine month old son; Eli Jacob nicknamed EJ, her husband of ten months, a father and Luca. She wasn’t going to be found on the polished marble floor till EJ’s nanny brought him back from a stroll in the park.

A death in midday, that’s exactly how her mother left this world; only difference is Mrs. Jones’ left behind a twelve year old boy and an eighteen year old girl.

Luca always blamed his father for his mother’s death.  Madeline Jones was an angel in her son’s eyes. Her death hit him the hardest; after all, he was only twelve and actually understood about death a couple of years later. Poor Luca, faced with another death a decade later, I hope he can cope with this one without scarring himself again.

Now you tell me, should this story be continued?